Guide to Squeezes

Books; Map of Squeezes

The classic book on squeezes, IMO, is Clyde Love's book. It runs through the simple squeezes, extended menace squeezes, double squeezes, triple squeezes, compound squeezes, the guard squeezes, and the simple trump squeeze.

I thought that it had covered all the squeezes. It was somewhat of a surprise to me to read Reese's book and find a description of four more squeezes (the vice, the winkle, the steppingstone, and an unnamed squeeze). This suggested the existence of other squeezes, found throughout the years: the one-suit squeeze, the double trump squeeze, and the mole squeeze.

The coup de grace is Ottlik's book with Kelsey, containing a variety of bizarre squeezes, including the knockout squeeze and the backwash squeeze.

I am also trying to map the squeeze space, and this website is my contribution so far.

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