1. Squeeze-Trim-Endplay Example Hands


How often does a squeeze-trim-endplay occur? When I first started writing about them, I happened to be creating a squeeze page about the same time, so I went to a bulletin board to find any squeeze hands I had written. There was two squeeze hands, and one was a squeeze-trim-endplay.

I posted a request for these types of hands on a bulletin board, and someone contributed a hand they had played that week.

Then, 10 days later, a hand came up that was interesting for its many squeeze possibilities. While analyzing it, I eventually realized that, if you knew the heart honors were both offside, the hand was playable as a squeeze-trim-exit.

That's a lot of times for the squeeze-trim-endplay to come up.

Don Kersey said "As far as frequency of occurence, in 20 odd moderately active years I have had 13 chances at the table. Michael Courtney reports that Tim Seres made 8 such contracts in 12 months time.

The situation where you could run a squeeze-trim-endplay seems to be quite common. After all, if you are playing Q10x opposite Kxx, or AJx opposite 10xx or even 109x, you probably have the other cards needed to run a squeeze-trim-endplay.

The situation where you could run a squeeze-trim-endplay and can place the cards well enough to make it worth your while is not as common. But I suspect that, if you could recognize those situations, you would find them to be a lot more common that you would think. I am guessing that they as common as a simple squeeze, but more common than a double or triple squeeze.

Squeeze-Trim-Endplay Introduction