The Squeeze-Trim-Endplay: Hand

This hand was constructed (or discovered, or reported) by Tim Bourke. It appeared in Eddie Kantar's Test Your Play column in the ACBL's October 2005 Bridge Bulletin.



The contract is 6; the opening lead is the K. Your partner opened 1, you responded 1, and Lefty overcalled 2. That means you can count on the A being onside.

So the hand would be a piece of cake -- draw trumps, pitch a heart on the long club, take the diamond finesse -- except that Lefty shows out on the first round of trumps.

Now what? You can't lead a diamond until you have pitched your heart on the 5th round of clubs. You can't run clubs until you draw 4 rounds of trump. And after you have drawn four rounds of trump and run your clubs, the only way back to your hand is to ruff a heart. That's your last trump, so when you lead a diamond, Lefty can win his ace and cash a good heart.

It seems like you are in trouble.