Concluding Comments on the Winner Squeeze

The winner squeeze tends to occur naturally -- you simply cash your winners in your long suit. This is a natural thing to do, especially if a defender has a handful of winners and you have a handful of winner. So declarer, especially an inexperienced declarer, is like to execute this squeeze without knowing of it.

But there are going to be a few occasions when it is not obvious. Also, when you see a defender pitching a winner or potential winner, an understanding of the winner squeeze might help you better understand the defender's problem and infer what the defender is holding.

It was never obvious of me to cash my winners in the two-suited winner squeeze. I was always worried about squeezing myself and never worried about how well the defenders were being squeezed.

It seems that the defenders can sometimes make it difficult for declarer, at least by being deceptive. But that tends to require a precise knowledge of what is happening and what needs to be saved. It is unlikely that defenders will save the correct cards just by chance. So this knowledge has potential value for defense.